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I did a dual training in 2001.  While I was in school, I trained in a boutique salon under the former Mr. Thomas LaDage a platform artist for many years.  A platform artist is some one who demonstrates at industry shows the latest custom colors, cuts  and styles. It is a goal of mine to one day be a platform artist myself. 

Since then I have been instructed by many different artists in their particular expertise.  I have blended these educational inputs into my own methodology of the art of hair.  As each person is unique and individual, I feel their color, cut and style needs to be as well. No cookie cutter hair. 

I find that subtle changes can make all the difference in good hair and great hair when taking into account eye color, facial structure, facial symmetry, and complexion. Though I have 93 different Italian colors to choose from I usually mix to attain the subtle, beautiful, uniqueness that each customer deserves.


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Tuesday - Saturday

After hours appointments available. Please call or email us.



Michol’s Studio at Salons D'Allon

18301 Egret Bay Blvd
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